Letter from human clarity of thought to social and news media clutter !

Hello Clutter :-( —

Well, I have been buried by you, you have been suffocating me.

Through this letter, I ask you, to get out of the way and allow yours truly to thrive and prosper. Let humans have the pleasure and freedom in their hearts and minds. Under my glare, they would get rid of cobwebs and confusion built by you.

Since time immemorial, human beings have lived in the midst of you. However, from time to time, I have found a way to show my powerful presence by manifesting in an authentic thought leader, a genuine scientist, a transformational teacher, or an earthy spiritual awakener. Millions have benefited by trusting these chosen ones, and to know how to gain serenity and control over their destiny.

Nowadays, it is becoming tough for me to express my purposeful presence. You are becoming successful in polluting even the learned and awakened ones. Most humans are able to understand and internalize me, by cutting right through you. But by the time they get to me, due to advancing technology combined with fake narrative fed and nourished in social media, you are doing permanent damage inside many unsuspecting minds and they get stuck.

Irrespective of age, class, nationality, language or religion they immerse themselves into a digital screen and invariably get hallucinated by you. Most of them are refusing to look into the real world and listen to what it is trying to tell them.

Therefore, as a first step, I am requesting you to leave them alone for a few hours everyday. It would do humanity a world of good! They are being fooled to remain content in following what is fed by your omnipresent and personalized, yet, fake recommendations, and more often than not, they believe them to be their factual world.

Humanity saw what I can do to them, during nationwide and sometimes international lockdowns. They could see distant mountains silhouettes clearly, experience pristine blue skies first time in decades, and most importantly get attended by empathetic and inclusive human beings under stressful and catastrophic situations. For once they experienced tranquility, despite all the chaos going around them.

They will be talking about it for a long time.

Now, you have had an uninterrupted run for close to three decades now. And the result of that is seen everywhere and there is even a word in English to describe the phenomenon. Is it VUCA?

You need to take a break so that humanity’s harmoniously balanced psychosomatic system of body, mind and intellect, does not overheat and collapse.

Humans have made tremendous progress in science and technology in the past three hundred years. However, in recent times, enabled by you, information combined with high speed connectivity and smart devices has been a fertile ground to grow a thorny bush around each human being and thus making it a lot easier for them to pull apart rather than coming together as one.

Stop messing around and give them a break.

I can bring them together again. But as a prerequisite you have to go on a permanent holiday from each one who is hosting you.

Thank you for taking a long deserved vacation forever.

Yours Truly,

Clarity :-)



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