A letter from Tomorrow to Yesterday

Suresh S
3 min readMay 30, 2021


Hello Yesterday,

My name is Today and I would like you to know that I can help you connect with me, if you are able to just shed your preconceived notions about a few things which were done in a particular way in your world.

I have lived in your world and I am sensitive.

In your world, everything had to be done in a specific manner and everyone followed your dictacts without questioning.

You were able to get away by insisting that a ritual has to be done by wearing a certain dress code and maintaining your hair in a particular way in order to show one’s devotion or belief towards the higher self. If someone were to question or challenge this you not only told them to shut up and listen to you by invoking a deep fear in them that it would bring doom but also shamed them to the extent that their self esteem was destroyed forever.

I have also seen you carry an air of arrogance and an attitude of entitlement based on wrong conviction in and around you. This led you to walk around thinking that one is superior or inferior to others based on birth.

Perhaps this was the reason, you were able to live your entire life without showing any vulnerability or shame that some of your opinions can be completely wrong and may have no place in my world.

While doing all this, you forgot there was a day before yesterday too, which was shunned in your world.

Believe me, you can transform and move just like how your day before did, if you consider for a moment that there is absolutely nothing superior about being a man or being born in one sect or the other. In my world, all are equal and it is the contextual situation and opportunities or lack thereof which make one achieve or not achieve their true potential.

Most of your beliefs have been rejected in my world, no matter what, they are not going to come back. People, in your world, struggle because of their refusal to see the current reality or they pretend to protect its falsehood.

I sometimes wonder, if it is, because of inflated ego with which you were able to force people with a foolish belief that somehow the clock would turn back. Sadly, for you, no one including the most powerful and mighty has such a power. Alas, I only wish, if you show patience to read and understand the history of the changing face of humanity.

As they say, time does not stop for anyone.

We have accepted and normalised many things which were taboo topics in your world.

Let me cite a few examples, some of which you have reluctantly agreed but deep within you struggle to cope with. In most places, universal human rights is guaranteed for all. Now we are moving further along by being inclusive of LGBTQ rights. By the end of my day, we would be moving faster towards, true, gender equality and equity.

Sooner you get aligned with my world, the better it is for you or else chances are, you will be left far behind when you would be relegated to the dust bowl of the day before yesterday.

I won’t be waiting for long as I have to transform to become tomorrow which is going to be even more inclusive.

In conclusion, I would appreciate you for all the good things you have given me such as contemplative meditation, the value of critical thinking and respecting authorities who are balanced in their vision and sanity to differentiate between what is in my control and what is not.

Best Regards,

Yours Truly

Today is about to become Tomorrow.



Suresh S